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  • 2kg Mass Gainer Pro 800MCT Vanilla

2kg - Mass Gainer Pro 800MCT

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Who should you use it?

Whether you are just starting your first cycle or a seasoned bulking professional preparing for competition, UPROTEIN™ Mass Gainer Pro-800MCT is the ideal choice. Quality calories are king. Back up your training with the best nutrition.

When and how do I take it?

For a thick shake style, mix a full serve with about 300ml of milk or water. If you prefer a smoother shake mix with 400-600ml. UPROTEIN™ Mass Gainer Pro-800MCT can be used as a post workout recovery shake, or as a between meal supplement to boost your daily calorie count.


UPROTEIN Mass Gainer Pro-800MCT Blend (47%)[Whey Protein Concentrate (Milk,Soy Lecithin), Calcium Caseinate (Milk), Skim Milk Powder, Instantise Whey Protein Isolate (Milk, Soy Lecithin), Whey Protein Hydrolysate (Milk)], Maltodextrin, Maize Starch, Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT), Natural Flavour, Guar Gum, Sweeteners (Acesulphame Potassium, Sucralose).

Contains: milk, soy.

This includes quality whey sourced seasonally from New Zealand, USA and/or Australia.

Not suitable for vegetarians

Nutritional, Ingredient and allergen Information are correct at time of publish. We always ensure the information on this website is updated with the latest information. From time to time recipes may change and may take time to flow through to customers. Therefore we advise our customers to always read the label on the pack before consuming our products. If you require specific advice on any Uprotein product, please contact our Customer Service team where we will be happy to answer your questions.

  101 product reviews See Reviews


Where reviews refer to foods products, results may vary from person to person. Customer reviews are independent and do not represent the views UPROTEIN.

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  1. Great

    Verified Buyer posted

    Quick delivery, taste great... wouldn’t have minded a free shaker with my first purchase

  2. Tasted good

    Verified Buyer posted

    It tasted good with milk, definitely would recommend

  3. Results and Value

    Verified Buyer posted

    For years I have been trying to pack on mass using other expensive branded protein but usually run out or the intake is just too much. Came across Uprotein Mass gainer and is one the best protein I have ever had and it sure damn shows. Starting at 68kg and packing on additional 14 kg of mass in less than 2 months. Absolutely incredible product , doesn't leave you bloated and bad gastro refluxes like other products. Would have bought the 3 for 90 deal but had to spend money on new wardrobe as I ripped through my old clothing (was a size S now a L).

  4. 800mct GAINS

    Verified Buyer posted

    This has to be one of the best mass gainers Ive had, it doesn't upset my stomach like others and it mixes really well and tastes great. I had chocolate and will be trying the other flavours.

  5. Great Product Would Recommend to All Hard Gainers

    Verified Buyer posted

    Great product for busy professionals like myself. Its hard to get your calorie intake for mass gaining when you're busy at work. This product is not only one of the best tasting mass gainers I've used but most effective. Try Bannana flavour its unreal!

  6. MegaChoc Rocks

    Verified Buyer posted

    I've tried a few powders and to be gut friendly for me is a biggie as well as taste. I'm happy to report no digestive issues and I actually can't wait to down a shake after a brutal session in the gym. MegaChoc satisfies my sweet tooth too

  7. Friendly Calories

    Verified Buyer posted

    In most instances I would not spend money on a weight gaining product due to thand fact that they almost always cause gastrointestinal disturbance and overall discomfort.

    I had a read through the ingredients listed and was quite impressed at the diversity of macros used to make the product, then decided to give it a go.

    I have a sensitive gut, but this weight gainer is great. It does not cause bloat and it doesn’t make you too full. I use a quality almond milk (>10%) to mix and there are no issues with the powder congealing or getting stuck to the shaker.

    I have the banana flavour at the moment, but will try other flavours each time I place an order.

    I rate the product overall at 4/5 stars. Simply because it’s 2018 and I feel the supplement industry needs to steer away from artificial sweeteners. With the amount of organic alternatives available, I think the money needs to be invested in natural options.

  8. Happy customer

    Verified Buyer posted

    Good product for the price. I got vanilla


    Verified Buyer posted


  10. Perfect Powder!

    Verified Buyer posted

    The mass gainer pro is a great tasting powder, that goes very well with water or milk. It really has a smooth banana taste and mixes with liquids very easily, meaning it is a good quality powder. It also doesn't upset my stomach at all which has happened with other mass gainers.

  11. Mass Gainer Pro

    Verified Buyer posted

    Great taste, not greatly soluble but still alright. I'll definitely stick with this product

  12. 2kg mass gainer review

    Verified Buyer posted

    Really good supplement as I feel full after drinking it post workout but not too full that I can still consume food. Have started to see an increase in my weight on the scales and in the mirror as well!! Very excited to see my progress with this mass gainer as squat, bench and deadlifts have all increased quite significantly! One tip could be to maybe make it slightly sweeter as it is a mass gainer and the extra calories could make even more enjoyable to drink. It tastes better with milk in my opinion but I normally just have it in water which at times is not as sweet so maybe making it sweeter could be an improvement!

  13. Beyond what i expected!

    Verified Buyer posted

    I spent a really long time trying to find a mass gainer without a lot of sugar in it. This is one of the only products i have found with the smallest amount of sugar and i'm extremely happy with the results. The flavour banana smash is fantastic and i'm definitely planning to buy the 6kg haul next time!

  14. All the Gainz! (It’s brilliant)

    Verified Buyer posted

    Having tried this at a friends house i immediately ordered some of my own. It’s packed full of macronutrients, and I personally found it helped gain muscle mass incredibly fast. Also, it tastes phenomenal, I enjoy it thick with a banana and almonds blended together, but it’s just as good by itself!

    Extremely pleased!

  15. Massing it on with Mass Gainer

    Verified Buyer posted

    It has only taken a week to see this product working. Vanilia flavour is just awesome and easy to mix and drink. You must work out not long after having it..if you thought you could'nt be bothered you will get the surge. Cost is a pleasant surprise too.

  16. Great taste, great results

    Verified Buyer posted

    This product is one of the smoothest, tastiest out there (French vanilla) and is a pleasure to consume. It's great for post-work out and has delivered results for me. Can't believe it's as cheap as it is, best value-for-money option I could find.

  17. Tastes awesome!

    Verified Buyer posted

    Really like the taste of this! My first protein shake and was expecting the worst, but really pleasantly surprised. Feel good after, no side effects. Would recommend.
    I’ve also tried mixing with vanilla ice cream in a blender and it is amaze.

  18. Best taste so far

    Verified Buyer posted

    Have tried many but this one is very easy to take down. I’m mixing with milk and using the vanilla. Awesome thanks

  19. Delicious and Nutritious

    Verified Buyer posted

    I didn't know what to expect when ordering online but WOW, the protein powder is so good! I got french vanilla and it honestly tastes as if i'm drinking a vanilla milkshake! YUM!

  20. Great....

    Verified Buyer posted

    Great flavor. doesn't feels full after having it.


    Verified Buyer posted

    Considering my local store charges me MORE ($30 extra for the same weight) for a similar product, which actually gives me less protein and carbs per serve, this powder is fantastic. Having only used this product for one week whilst working with high metabolism, I increased my weight by 2.3kg and BMI by 2.5%. Chose the vanilla flavour which isn't as tasty as my local supplier's product, but still nice enough to drink.

  22. Results & Taste Great!

    Verified Buyer posted

    It is digested very well, with adequate exercise, it shows results in a week.

    The product (french vanilla) mixes well in water without producing a tangy taste unlike other brands tried before!

  23. Best product I have ever used

    Verified Buyer posted

    I have bought two bags of the mass gainer in the hopes that it would finally aid me in getting healthy ( I’m super underweight). With the help of the product partnered with a correct training routine I was able to put on 4kg in a week. This is definitely one of the best mass gainers on the market and for the price you really can’t go wrong.

  24. So yummy!

    Verified Buyer posted

    Finally, a mass gainer product which doesn't taste like plastic and has the consistency of sand!
    This product is smooth and tastes great (french vanilla) and doesn't leave you bloated or feeling sick afterwards.
    I've only just started taking this product so too early to tell about its effectiveness.
    If things go well, I'm going to try chocolate next!


    Verified Buyer posted

    As a worker on my feet all day I needed a weight gain formula that would not only help me put on weight but also energize me. This product ticked all the boxes. Great product, great taste & great price. What else can you ask for? I will definitely be a return customer. Thanks UPROTIEN

  26. Highly Recommended Mass Gainer

    Verified Buyer posted

    I have tried other mass gainer products in the past and this is by far the best. I will definitely continue with this mass gainer product whenever I need one.

    1) Some protein powder products have kinda artificial chocolate flavour taste, but this Mega Chocolate taste is just great! It also tastes great when mixing it with milk.
    2) The powder is easily mixed in the shaker bottle even with small amount of water. It doesn't form into clump at all, unlike other mass gainer products I've taken before.
    3) I have history of acid reflux, but this product does not cause any discomfort thus far.
    4) If you have fast metabolism like me and sometimes it's not convenient to get foods to maintain your calories intake, this is a good choice.
    5) Order was processed on the same day (since I ordered before 2pm). Delivery was fast and order was nicely packed in a box.
    6) The only unfortunate thing is it contains gluten ingredients. It would be great if this product is gluten-free.

  27. Mother of God I've found the hidden treasure!

    Verified Buyer posted

    After searching for ages through different mass gainer/wpc/wpi proteins for something to fit my dietary needs, I came across this product.

    - It fits my dietary needs, I was hesitant being lactose intolerant and generally react super fast in a bad way gastrointestinally, but the quality of this product has caused no side effects whatsoever, being blunt I'm talking no gas, no distress, bloating, pain, uncomfortability or anything it is amazing and that is using it multiple times a day sometimes
    - it fits with my medication. Taking MAOI's (a dietarily restrictive antidepressant) this product offers one of the lowest amounts of tryptophan possible in comparison to similar products, the lowest by a long shot! Which is good because taking these medications or anything that increases the amount of serotonin in the system can have detrimental effects when combined with higher dosages of tryptophan.
    - Fantastic customer service, astonishingly so.
    - Fast delivery with the option of safe drop which a lot of people will appreciate.
    - The quality of the product is outstanding, as I mentioned above I have had no problems with this product at all and I am going to be a regular customer for a long time.
    - The powder doesn't clump. This may seem small, but have you ever had a protein shake with mass gainers especially having more powder to liquid ratio and had clumpy dry powdery bits come out? It will never happen with this product, I'm absolutely amazed by the quality and absorbancy of this powder.
    - It is seriously just the best I have ever had and being a gym junkie for years, I've had my fair share of different products.

    - No gluten free option for gluten intolerant/coeliacs
    - Other then that I have literally found none to be honest
    - It can't marry me.

    Final Review Round Up:

    This product is great, even if you have strict dietary requirements that mean life or death or intensive pain, especially those with lactose intolerance this product is great and I hands down recommend it to everyone.
    It's the best protein powder I have come across, the chocolate and banana varients are great and I am very keen to try out some of the other wide range of flavours. If you ever need help with the products the team is always responsive and helpful and a wonderful experience to communicate with.

    In my books this is the first product in the history of me reviewing products to get a 10/10 in my eyes and I highly recommend it to everyone.

  28. WOW, what a product!!!

    Verified Buyer posted

    Was a big fan of some other Muscle Mass providers but decided to try UPROTEIN. Mass Gainer Pro is sensational; taste, consistancy, value and carb/protein/fat ratios!!! Highly recommend and it now my mass gainer of choice.

  29. Fantastic product

    Verified Buyer posted

    Great taste, quality product

  30. Spot on perfect

    Verified Buyer posted

    I found the mass gainer easy to mix in a shaker, delicious and didn't give me that bloated feeling. After using the Mass gainer for over a month now I can already see the difference in my muscle size. Good quality highly recommend.


    Verified Buyer posted

    I work on a station in the Australian Outback and was peeling off the weight, two months ago I started on the product and my energy levels are better than normal and I am gaining lean muscle mass after 6 weeks! The (Chocolate) is the best flavour out of any product I have tried over the years and the delivery, even out here is better than our normal mail! Not to mention the savings on store bought product. 10/10 hands down..


    Verified Buyer posted

    ***AMAZING SERVICE*** Ordered some products yesterday afternoon and turned up at my work by lunchtime today. not to mention their customer support is fantastic. i wanted to ask a few questions regarding some of the product and within an hour had an reply. i also have been looking around for a good quality mass gainer and their pro 800mct keeps popping up...i hear it's ROCKET FUEL!!. well will start tonight and get back to you in a few weeks with an update..CARPE DIEM!!!

  33. muma's milk

    Verified Buyer posted

    the gym is a jungle, and like the pathetic pigoen you are, you have been kicked out of the nest and forced to pave your own path to glory. You may have been made to fend for yourself but mum, who is actually Zeus' long lost sister (Meus), hasn't completely abandoned you; her milk you need being the scrawny, feeble, malnourished and desperate ugly little bird you are can now be purchased at The 800MCT mega choc will give you THE MEGA GAINS YOU NEED TO BECOME A F*CKING ALBATROSS. THIS IS YOUR JUNGLE NOW. BE THE KING. LIFT BIG, LIVE BIG, DIE BIG, LEAVE A MASSIVE COFFIN.

  34. The Best Mass Gainer Around

    Verified Buyer posted

    This product is fantastic, and by far the best main gainer I have ever used! I, like most people using mass gainers, am naturally thin and struggle to reach a calorie count to help put on weight and muscle. This product allows me to reach this calorie count whilst also ensuring I have sufficient carbohydrates and protein to build muscle after a tough workout. Other mass gainers have left me feeling bloated with plenty of wind, yet this mass gainer by UProtein has the opposite effect. After a shake I feel light and not ridiculously full, just satisfied. This means I am not missing other meals throughout the day because I am weighed down by a heavy shake. I do not get gas from this product either, it mixes well and tastes great. Furthermore, the service and delivery time was fantastic! If you are thinking about getting a mass gainer, this is the one for you. I am already noticing results and I have only been using it for a week. Do not miss out :)

  35. Amazing!

    Verified Buyer posted

    I have had this for 5 days now and am just starting to get results. I ordered this in French Vanilla and had it with banana and it tastes great, even with water!

  36. Great protein powder

    Verified Buyer posted

    Really good stuff this, it tastes great. Really easy to mix with, (French vanilla). Backed by body builders and science alike this product is a game changer!!

  37. Great Taste!! Fast shipping

    Verified Buyer posted

    I love the taste of this product. So far have only tried the vanilla but it's better than anything I've had before. Will definitely be ordering more. Thanks for making something so easy to take. Cheers

  38. A beautiful product in it's own way

    Verified Buyer posted

    Taste was great and by far the best product I've used on my way to becoming a super saiyan!!!

  39. Great Tasting

    Verified Buyer posted

    To soon to tell but I ordered the vanilla Uprotein Mass gainer and it tastes great and mixes well. Will definitely order again.

  40. Best mass gainer to get!! 3kgs in one week!!

    Verified Buyer posted

    Amazing product with such fast results. By far the best tasting powder with great customer service. Would definitely recommend this product and this company!!!

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  Product Description

   Serious formula for serious mass gains   
 ✔  800 Calories* - Bulking phase ready   
 ✔  Full spectrum protein profile   
   No added sugar


Get it cheaper... 6kg Value Deal for $139.99 and Save 15% >





PRO-800MCT is the popular choice if you want massive size gains fast !!!

Mass Gainer Pro800MCT




mass-gainer-tick-small.jpg SUPERIOR WHEY PROTEIN SOURCES
Including Concentrate, Isolates and Hydrolysed whey proteins to provide a superior spectrum of muscle building Amino Acids than using a single source cheaper grade mass gainer.

Quality carbohydrate sources provide substantial nutritional and caloric boost, producing core energy and supporting muscle building protein characteristics in ideal 35:65 ratio..

Five proteins scientifically selected to deliver a rapid, medium and slow muscle growth nutrient environment for optimal mass gain potential. Added MCT oil for workout performance.







 Mass Gainer Pro 800MCT


Three high quality Whey protein sources means a full spectrum of muscle sparing amino acids for optimum mass gain.

Quality carbohydrate (does not contain gluten ingredients^) sources for fast/slow nutrient delivery plus premium muscle growth proteins. 

Superior ingredient purification delivers up to 800 size potent calories each serve* (when mixed with milk) with an advanced macronutrient profile.

Hydrolysed and isolate proteins rapidly stimulate nitrogen environment for natural anabolic production.


MCT Mass Gainer Protein


Added MCT Oil made from Coconut helps support energy and workout performance levels.





Approx 24 month shelf life Added Digestive Enzymes
No Gluten Ingredients^ High in BCAAs
Quality Carbs Australian made
Added MCT Oil Hydrolysed Whey
High Calorie Isolate Whey
65:35 Carb to Protein Ratio Quality guarantee
No Added Sugar Fast & Slow Release
No artificial flavours No preservatives





build-more-muscle-mass.gifhardgainer-formula.gif bulking-phase-ready.gifhigh-calorie-sport.gif100-natural-flavours.gif

 Get it cheaper... 6kg Value Deal for $139.99 and Save 15% >





2kg | 32 Serves (60g) / 16 Serves (120g) 

Added MCT Mass Gainer Protein  3-x-whey-protein-sources.gif  800 Calorie Mass Gain Protein

Mass Gainer BCAA  16 Serves of Mass Gainer  32 Serves of Mass Gainer 


UPROTEIN Mass Gainer 800MCT Calories


INGREDIENTS: UPROTEIN Mass Gainer Pro-800MCT Blend (47%)[Whey Protein Concentrate (Milk, Soy Lecithin), Calcium Caseinate (Milk), Skim Milk Powder, Instantise Whey Protein Isolate (Milk, Soy Lecithin), Whey Protein Hydrolysate (Milk)], Maltodextrin, Maize Starch, Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT), Natural Flavour, Guar Gum, Sweeteners (Acesulphame Potassium, Sucralose).

Containsm: milk,soy.

This includes quality whey sourced seasonally from New Zealand, USA and/or Australia. Not suitable for vegetarians.




Best Protein Award Winner 2023


Reviews across, Google Customer Reviews &

See what other customers think of UPROTEIN. It Starts With You.









No Cheap WPC

We don't use outdated refinement and production methods.
Sure, these methods are cheaper but often they result in less protein nutrients per serve, along with inferior taste and biological benefits.
If your muscles could talk, they'd say no to cheap WPC too.

Clinically Proven Mass Gainer Protein

Scientific combination of key ingredients, each clinically proven to have a measurable effect on muscle tissue growth

Added MCT Mass Gain Protein Powder

The Medium Chain Triglycerides (reduced carbon length) along with carbohydrate energy sources to help boost workout performance.


As one of the largest sports nutrition manufacturers in Australia, we cant rely on just one local supplier,
that's why we look locally and globally for suppliers who have the scale and techology we demand.
Our cows are grass fed 'happy' cows that pasture in AUS, USA, and NZ farms.




Mass Gainer Protein - Mega Choc Flavour  


A superior formula should have an equally superior taste.

Each delicious serve is 100% NATURALLY flavoured, 100% Aspartame FREE and
Convenient 2kg bags means you can split flavours and taste the range when you buy in bulk.
Find out for yourself what protein should taste like.




Best Value Mass Gainer Protein



To achieve the ultimate Mass Gain formula at a great value price we
1. harnessed our
significant global buying power and
2. adopted a "direct from the manufacturer" model, thereby cutting out the middlemen and passing the savings on to you.
At around $3.43 per 120g serve, $1.72 per 60g serve, this best-in-class formula will be cheapest feed your muscles get each day.

Our popular protein powders are made fresh regularly with approximately 2 years shelf life. Buy in bulk and save!


Get it cheaper... 6kg Value Deal for $139.99 and Save 15% >




100% Guarantee Mass Gainer 




We want you to love this protein. If you are not satisfied, we will happily refund the purchase price.
See Returns Policy page for details of our Satisfaction Guarantee & Fairplay Rules as conditions to apply.
Just another reason why more Aussie lifters are switching to UPROTEIN.





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Who should you use it?
Whether you are just starting your first cycle or a seasoned bulking professional preparing for competition, UPROTEIN™ Mass Gainer Pro-800MCT is the ideal choice. Quality calories are king. Back up your training with the best nutrition.
When and how do I take it?
For a thick shake style, mix a full serve with about 300ml of milk or water. If you prefer a smoother shake mix with 300-600ml.  UPROTEIN™ Mass Gainer Pro-800MCT can be used as a post workout recovery shake, or as a between meal supplement to boost your daily calorie count


We are extremely proud to be awarded best Protein & Supplement Retailer for both 2024, 2023, 2022 & 2021!

Recgonised by independent and trusted review website
Our outstanding formulas, best value prices and responsive customer service are why more Aussies are switching to Uprotein and are choosing to write about it. It starts with you.


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