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  • 4kg Whey Isolate Premium XHL

4kg - Whey Isolate Premium + XHL

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Who should you use it?

Not getting the results from basic WPI or WPC formulas? Then this is for you. For the trophy winner on stage right through to the aspiring athlete in the crowd, you expect the best from your body, so feed it the best WPI. The ultra low lactose properites also makes it suitable for those sensitive to dairy.

When and how do I take it?

One serve (40g) mixes easily in water (200-300ml) shake, spoon or blender. Use between meals, before or post workout UPROTEIN™ Whey Isolate Premium +XHL Protein Powder wont let you down.

INGREDIENTS: UPROTEIN Whey Isolate Premium+XHL Blend (95%) (Instantised Whey Protein Isolate, Hydrolysed Whey Protein, Added L-Leucine), Socially And Environmentally Responsible Cocoa, Proteolysis Digestive Enzymes (Papain, Bromelain), Natural Flavour, Anticaking Agent, Acesulfame K, Sweetener (Sucralose). Contains milk, soybean products. Soybean products (Soy Lecithin) is used to instantise whey proteins and is less than 1% of the whey product. Made in Australia from local and imported ingredients.

UNFLAVOURED PROTEIN INGREDIENTS: UPROTEIN Whey Isolate Premium+XHL Blend (95%) (Instantised Whey Protein Isolate, Hydrolysed Whey Protein, Added L-Leucine), Proteolysis Digestive Enzymes (Papain, Bromelain). Contains milk, soybean products. Soybean products (Soy Lecithin) is used to instantise whey proteins and is less than 1% of the whey product. Made in Australia from local and imported ingredients.

  159 product reviews See Reviews
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  1. Protein? More like BROTEIN!

    Verified Buyer posted

    Ive been through a few protein brands through my adventures and this one takes the cake with all things considered (Rule1, Muscletech etc)

    - Very mixable
    - Delicious Flavours
    - Express Postage
    - High protein concentration
    - Cheap (Bang for buck)

    - It runs out

    15/10 would buy again and again.

  2. Tastes and feels good

    Verified Buyer posted

    At first, it is a bit harder to digest in compare with other popular brands. But as soon as your stomach gets used to it, you will be fine to take it at any time during the day.

    I like the taste of the double choc. It is so smooth and the texture is amazing in your mouth.

  3. Great tasting

    Verified Buyer posted

    Great product pound for pound!


    Verified Buyer posted

    The Double Choc protein has been my game changer as its not only kept me happy (Keeping away from refined sugars) but I know look at it as my treat meal. I have tried so many types of protein but (And I know you hear a lot of these) it really easy the best out there in regards to taste and what is found within the product.
    TOP PROTEIN U Protein.

  5. The WRX of proteins

    Verified Buyer posted

    Great Value - Best high quality protein you can get for your hard earned $$$ - mixes well and the vanilla flavor is great.

  6. Needed a change!

    Verified Buyer posted

    I needed a change from the protein powder I've been using for the past 5 years. Uprotein WPI ticked all the boxes so I gave it a go. I've only been using it for a few weeks but already very impressed! Great taste and great results. Found a new favourite for the next 5 years!

  7. Don't pay for the Big Brands

    Verified Buyer posted

    As a long time fitness fanatic I want to ensure I am fueling my body with high quality foods and supplements. I am sick and tired of paying too much for the Big Brand named supplements in the Health & Fitness Industry and decided to try U Protein. I have been impressed with the quality and value.

  8. Exactly what I was after

    Verified Buyer posted

    I was seeking high-quality, lean support for intense training. This product tastes great, saw great results, and the price was excellent value.

  9. The Best!!

    Verified Buyer posted

    Best whey protein I have found to date, great date and a nice change compared to the rest.

  10. Whey best protein

    Verified Buyer posted

    Definitely the best powder I've used. Assisting me getting back into shape. Taste is great compared to other products. Ordered and delivered within 3 days which again is a much better turnaround than other companies. Have recommended the product and company to a number of friends.

  11. Very Effective

    Verified Buyer posted

    I’m in the best shape of my 45 years with about 250km a week commuting rapidly on a road bike and a few high frequency low weight rep and cardio sessions in the gym. So decided to see if I could go another level and give the Premium + XHL a go. This is the first of these products I’ve ever tried and I will be sticking with it. Arrived within 2 days of order and got a great mark down as a first time customer as well as a perfect sized flask to mix it up in. The price in any case is great in comparison to other brands in stores and online. Have been taking 40g in the morning and 40g in the evening varying from before, in between and after rides and workouts.

    Results are so noticeable just based on the performance on the bike. I’m now pushing one to two gears higher that usual on long flat runs with ease ... to the point where I may skip the chainring upgrade from 50t to 53t and go straight to the 56t. Keeping up easily with the youngies. The energising and strengthening effect is so remarkable.

    Visual changes are also striking. I’m getting a few second glances from the other half which hasn’t happened much in the last few years, but also feeling much tighter and getting well defined in the calves abs shoulders and arms.

    Premium + XHL mixes well and the double chocolate tastes great. Thickens up nicely. I’ve also found that it goes well with other dietary pluses like a tea spoon of chia or psyllium.

    Won’t be hesitating to reorder and will be going for the vanilla bean next time around. Well done for a great product which does exactly what it claims to do and more.

  12. Better than the competition!

    Verified Buyer posted

    Having just started using UProtein, I can already say it’s a winner. It tastes fantastic, mixes well and the packaging is made to keep it as fresh as the day you purchased it. More importantly, unlike so many other brands that I’ve used in the past, UProtein XHL Premium has a huge 36.5gms of protein per serve. Stop paying for fillers and additives, and jump on the bandwagon!

  13. Great product

    Verified Buyer posted

    Great product, great price and excellent taste. I ordered chocolate and vanilla and they are both yummy. It mixes very well with water, no lumps and it’s easily digested. However I do feel it makes me slightly gassy after drinking it. So might not be the best idea to combine the protein shake with broccoli or cabbage

  14. Best Protein powder ever!

    Verified Buyer posted

    I take 2 serves of Whey protein isolate premium after every workout and I can see myself getting bigger in a short time.
    If you want to get fast results buy this whey protein and you will get what you want.

  15. Great Product & Service

    Verified Buyer posted

    Great results with great customer service, thanks guys

  16. An awesome protein!!

    Verified Buyer posted

    Such a good supplement for post training or even as a meal replacement. Breaks down super well and you aren’t left with any lumps or clumps. I’ve tried both the vanilla and double choc, where as other supplements out there are full of sugar, this is not and still taste pretty damn good! I’ve been using this for just over a week now and I have found muscle recovery have been a lot better.
    Definitely great value for money!
    Would recommend for anyone at any fitness ability wanting to use a protein supplement.

  17. Tastiest Protein Out There

    Verified Buyer posted

    The double choc and vanilla are the best protein flavors I have ever tried, and better then the concentrate. They dissolve pretty easily and leave no big chunks. This one seems to dissolve well in both milk and water. The best part is how cheap it is compared to the rest of the proteins out there.

    The only con is the delivery fee and having to pay it for orders over $150. I think it would be fair to reduce this down to orders over $100, as this constitutes buying 4 kg of protein...that's a lot of protein to buy.

  18. Best tasting ever

    Verified Buyer posted

    I've tried many different power proteins over the years, and this is the best tasting ever.

  19. Great for Allergies

    Verified Buyer posted

    I am stoked to have finally found a whey protein that is low in lactose and free from gluten, as I have several allergies.

    I love the taste of whey protein and I can enjoy it every day now with thus product.

  20. Best Protein I've had

    Verified Buyer posted

    This protein has been the best I've had in a long time. Taste's good without all the sugars like other proteins plus I feel full and last all day with a shake. I do love the vanilla bean but next I'm trying the double choc. Thanks U Protein for a great product

  21. Great product and real results

    Verified Buyer posted

    This is the first protein i have seen notable results from after starting to become dissalusioned with the need for protein , it also tastes great which is a great plus as i can have it with water and its delicious (both choc and vanilla) . All up i can't recommend uprotein premium+XHL enough and it will be my protein of choice from now on .


    Verified Buyer posted

    I Looked at the website numerous times, and thought it looked way too good to be true...I did my homework and eventually pulled the trigger and purchased my first order...Extremely effortless process, and fast delivery...Too say that Im impressed by the product is an under statement!!! Great tasting, mixes well, and most of all a premium product that actually works!!!! Thankyou..Will be a return customer.

  23. Good quality Product

    Verified Buyer posted

    I have tried different protein products and this is the best product among them. Tastes great, dissolves easily, great product. A great protein alternative for breakfast

  24. Awesome Stuff

    Verified Buyer posted

    I have brought both the Vanilla and Choc ones twice now, and have never been disappointed! Great on their own or mixed with smoothies. Tastes great, dissolves easily, great product!

  25. Loved it!!

    Verified Buyer posted

    I tried the double choc and the vanilla, both were delicious and mixed really easy. 10/10!!

  26. Double Choc & Vanilla YUM

    Verified Buyer posted

    - Mixes better than the concentrate (using water)
    - Double Choc and Vanilla Bean are yum
    - My stomach feels slightly better since I'm lactose intolerant
    - The sodium content for the isolate is much higher than the concentrate.
    - The Double Choc isn't as good as the concentrate's Choc Brownie flaour!
    - Exotic fruits isn't great, quite milky for a fruity flavour (used water)
    I'll definitely still be buying 50/50 concentrate and isolate. The chocolate and vanilla flavours are all good.

  27. One of the best.

    Verified Buyer posted

    One of the best Whey isolate i have ever used. Great product with amazing results.

  28. Great mix clean and pure taste left satisfied

    Verified Buyer posted

    Excellent find. A lot of gear these days is relatively comparative on the nutrient profile and lots of reviews go into that. So I'll rate my experience on the ease of use and 'feel's I get. I rate protein powders that are quick and easy to mix almost a little bit over their nutrient profile. This one hits the mark on both. I prefer water with my mix and this one dissolves very fast and easy. It doesn't leave chunks and bits after a quick 30 second shake. Great stuff. The flavour is nice I have found my preference is to mix a scoop with about 200ml water and the taste is rich and smooth. It fills me up with a clean vibe and hits the mark real nice after a workout, run and swim. It seems to give my body the nice vibe of not wanting to pound lots of food after either which is great.

  29. Great taste and solid protein content

    Verified Buyer posted

    Been in the market for a new protein powder and came across Uprotein in October last year. Haven’t looked back since. It is the perfect blend for lean muscle mass and blends well as an addition to any shake. 2 scoops with some fruits and oats is the perfect mix for a breakfast on the run. Will definitely be buying Uprotein again.

  30. The choice in protein

    Verified Buyer posted

    The best protein powder on the market hands down; mixes well tastes awesome and is a good price. Noticeable results using this product, best I have found

  31. Tastes good, solid product.

    Verified Buyer posted

    First time purchaser. From my research, the Ingredients listed are top of their class as is the proportions per serve which are actually on the upper side of the desired concentrations, so no fear of being under dosed. Added BCAA's is a bonus. Price is quite reasonable & cheaper than others. Taste is great, (I prefer it with milk but waters fine too). Shipping was fine. I use the uprotein primarily for post training recovery support, so far so good! I would recommend and purchase again.

  32. So much protein

    Verified Buyer posted

    Love the protein density and the price - sensational!

  33. Great service and product

    Verified Buyer posted

    I read some online reviews of best Whey protein powders and came across uprotein as the best bang for buck. The company is based in Australia, deliver in two days, makes a great whey protein that mixes easily and tastes great. I have no intention to move to any other brand. Very happy.

  34. Happy customer

    Verified Buyer posted

    Really good will buy again. I got chocolate and vanilla

  35. Solid Product

    Verified Buyer posted

    Was skeptical about trying a new product but couldn't be happier making the switch. The Vanilla WPI blends great and tastes good. Not too chemically, not too sweet. Just enough to flavour my drink so I can smash it down and get on with my day. Would recommend.

  36. Tastes + Works Amazingly!

    Verified Buyer posted

    I've tried sourcing my whey protein from many online providers. Here's why I have made my best and final decision for my protein source on UProtein.
    - Bang for buck! You won't find better value for money.
    - Great tasting
    - Mixes very well in water, no annoying, disgusting clumps of protein powder in your shake!
    - Fast and efficient delivery

    UProtein has secured me as their loyal customer. Highly recommend.

  37. Best protein powder on the market

    Verified Buyer posted

    Uprotrien In my opinion is the best protein powder out there. It’s very good quality and only $1 a serve. Also tastes great

  38. Protein isolate + XHL Review

    Verified Buyer posted

    Love the UProtein range of gear, protein in particular is fantastic. I have tried all the flavours and they all taste great, just noticed that the Exotic Fruits does not mix as well for some reason while the others do....might be me!

  39. Awesome gains on Uprotein

    Verified Buyer posted

    Love your protein, tried heaps of other brands but I just keep coming back cause it's so good.
    Yummy flavors, mixes well with water, can use it in cooking and I've noticed muscle and strength gains to boot!!! Winning!!!
    Love it that much I've got the whole family using Uprotein and they love it too!
    Keep up the fantastic product line guys

  40. Your go to Protein!

    Verified Buyer posted

    Uprotein was my first whey protein I've tried. I then decided to try other brands but in the end I had to come back to Uprotein. The Isolate is truly an awesome protein with minimal fat and pure hydrolised protein. Great for building lean muscle and losing fat. I take this in between meals and not as a meal replacement and it doesn't add any body fat, just muscle mass which is what I'm gunning for. Highly recommended to all! Can't go wrong with it!

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  Product Description

   36.5g/91.2% Purest form of WHEY AVAILABLE   
 ✔  Boosted with Xtra High Leucine   
 ✔  Enzymatic Hydrolysed Protein   
   4kg (8.8lb) Value Deal - 100 Serves 




Loaded with only the most pure of protein isolates, enriched with muscle building amino acids and boosted with super amino Leucine this is the most advanced Whey Isolate Protein you can feed your body.

Buy Whey Protein Isolate - Bodybuilder



mass-gainer-tick-small.jpg ULTRA PURE - DUAL ISOLATES
Containing two ultra purified proteins from Microfiltered and Enzymatically Hydrolysed whey sources. Delivering an advanced spectrum of bioactive protein fractions for superior lean muscle growth.

Only the purest and most advanced refinement and filtration processes are used to ensure potent protein biofractions in every serve. This superior WPI formulation is made without harsh chemicals, artificial flavours or low spec WPI sources at 91.2% protein.

Precision filtration gently removes unwanted carbs, fat and lactose leaving nothing but a delicious Class Leading formulation suitable for professional competitors, athletes or those sensitive to lactose






 Buy Best Whey Protein Isolate


Super-fast absorbing protein plus added digetsive enzymes help deliver the ultimate nutrient uptake.

Latest Whey Protein Filtration Technology extracts the purest whey protein isolate possible. 

Independently tested to guarantee purity, protein and ingredient profile.

Packed with added muscle building Super-amino Leucine for enhanced growth. More muscle building aminos per serve!


Whey Protein Isolate Verified 



build-lean-muscle.gifmaintain-muscle.gif lactose-sensitive.gifwant-the-best.gifnatural-flavours-wpi.gif





4kg (8.8lb) is 100 Serves (40g) which is $1.20 p/serve

Digestive Enzymes - WPI  WPI Formula  Whey Protein Isolate Protein Profile

Mass Gainer BCAA  Whey Protein Isolate Carbs  Whey Protein Isolate Low Fat 



NATURALLY FLAVOURED PROTEIN INGREDIENTS: UPROTEIN Whey Isolate Premium+XHL Blend (95%) (Instantised Whey Protein Isolate, Hydrolysed Whey Protein, Added L-Leucine), Socially And Environmentally Responsible Cocoa, Proteolysis Digestive Enzymes (Papain, Bromelain), Natural Flavour, Anticaking Agent, Acesulfame K, Sweetener (Sucralose).


UNFLAVOURED PROTEIN INGREDIENTS: UPROTEIN Whey Isolate Premium+XHL Blend (95%) (Instantised Whey Protein Isolate, Hydrolysed Whey Protein, Added L-Leucine), Proteolysis Digestive Enzymes (Papain, Bromelain).


Both product contain milk, soybean products. Soybean products (Soy Lecithin) is used to instantise whey proteins and is less than 1% of the whey product. Made in Australia from local and imported ingredients. Gluten free ingredients.

Gluten Free Whey Isolate




No Cheap WPC

We don't use outdated refinement and production methods.
Sure, these methods are cheaper but often they result in less protein nutrients per serve, along with inferior taste and biological benefits.
If your muscles could talk, they'd say no to cheap WPC too.

Clinically Proven Whey Protein Isolate

The way a protein is hydrolysed is supremely important, thats why we only use the Enzymatically Hydrolysed Treatment (EHT) process.
This ensures more amino structures are available, ensuring optimal nutrient uptake and true muscle results.



As one of the largest sports nutrition manufacturers in Australia, we cant rely on just one local supplier,
that's why we look locally and globally for suppliers who have the scale and techology we demand.
Our cows are grass fed 'happy' cows that pasture in AUS, USA, and NZ farms.




Whey Protein Isolate Flavours  


A superior WPI formula should have an equally superior taste.

Each delicious serve is 100% NATURALLY flavoured, 100% Aspartame FREE and
Find out for yourself what Whey Isolate should taste like.

Whey Protein Isolate Flavours



Best Value Mass Gainer Protein



To take the ultimate protein to the next level and at a great value price we
1. harnessed our
significant global buying power and
2. adopted a "direct from the manufacturer" model, thereby cutting out the middlemen and passing the savings on to you.
At around $1.20 per 40g serve, this next level Whey Protein Isolate formula will be the most powerful and best value in Australia.

Our popular protein powders are made fresh regularly with approximately 2 years shelf life. Buy in bulk and save!




100% Guaranteed WPI 



 - 100% GUARANTEED -

We want you to love this whey isolate. If for ANY reason you are not 100% satisfied, we will happily refund the purchase price.
See Returns Policy page for details of our Satisfaction Guarantee & Fairplay Rules.
Just another reason why more Aussie lifters are switching to UPROTEIN.





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Uprotein Shipping Australia Post


Who should you use it?
Not getting the results from basic WPI or WPC formulas? Then this is for you. For the trophy winner on stage right through to the aspiring athlete in the crowd, you expect the best from your body, so feed it the best WPI. The ultra low lactose properites also makes it suitable for those sensitive to dairy.
When and how do I take it?
One serve (40g) mixes easily in water (200-300ml) shake, spoon or blender. Use between meals, before or post workout UPROTEIN™ Whey Isolate Premium +XHL Protein Powder wont let you down.


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