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  • Whey Protein Hydro + Enzymes - 4kgs
  • Whey Protein Hydro + Enzymes - 4kgs
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4kg - 100% Whey Protein Hydro + Enzymes

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Who should you use it?

Seasoned athlete or relatively new to training, your body still deserves the best possible nourishment to recover, maintain and grow. If you want a high quality and easily digested whey protein formula that is also great value then this is the formula for U.

When and how do I take it?

Simply mix or blend with 250-300ml of water or skim milk and consume 30 min before training and/or immediately post workout. The low carb and low fat characteristics also make it suitable between major meals or as a convenient on the go snack.

INGREDIENTS: UPROTEIN 100% Whey Protein Hydro + Enzymes Blend (96%) (Instantised Whey Protein Concentrate, Instantised Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Hydrolysate, Proteolysis Digestive Enzymes (Papain, Bromelain), Anticaking Agent, Socially And Environmentally Responsible Cocoa, Natural Flavour, Acesulfame K, Sweetener (Sucralose). Contains milk, soybean products. Soybean products (Soy Lecithin) is used to instantise whey proteins and is less than 1% of the whey product. Made in Australia from local and imported ingredients. Halal and gluten free ingredients.

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  1. Overdelivered !

    Posted by on

    Wasn't sure what to expect when trying out a new protein. Most of the time, you're gagging and not enjoying the flavours. However uprotein have hit the mark on flavouring. Very enjoyable, especially the chocolate brownie. Have made several orders since and has been the only place I will buy protein for on a regular basis.

  2. Just like a Choccie Milkshake

    Posted by on

    Unbelievable taste, and great product for the price!
    Quick delivery too!

  3. Cheap n great

    Posted by on

    They all taste good specially the banana one with slim milk

  4. great product

    Posted by on

    I've been using this product for a little over month now and noticing great results, noticeable increase in bulk and definition, goes well with milk and a raw egg, highly recommend it

  5. Get swole

    Posted by on

    Great taste. Great price. Australian. Buy and get swole

  6. Good flavours, great price

    Posted by on

    For the price, this protein powder is amazing. Mixes well and flavours are pretty good.

    Choc Brownie goes great with unsweetened almond milk. Banana Sundae smells amazing, and tastes about 60% as good as it smells (which is still pretty good)!

    Mixing in a shaker is infallible. My only criticism is that I like my shakes with a thicker or grittier texture, which this protein powder doesnt have.

    Overall a solid thumbs up

  7. Amazing

    Posted by on

    What really attracted me was the cost of each serving I have never seen a protein with such a low price per serving and what makes it better was that it taste amazing and it's easy to mix I love it !

  8. Good quality protein!

    Posted by on

    Super fast delivery, great price and a quality product. Very happy with my order.

  9. Cant beat the value

    Posted by on

    With around 100 servings that is quality value for 32g of protein so it can last me a while. With only two small scoops required its not messy and very quick and easy to make a shake. Taste is great and will not leave you full or bloated so it does not affect any of your meals during the day. Highly recommended.

  10. If you want the best!

    Posted by on

    I bought 4kg of the chocolate brownie flavour and I am STOKED. I've been a loyal customer of a rival company for a while without having heard of Uprotein and I am now a convert. Don't get me started on the flavour, easily the best tasting protein powder I've had, closely followed by no one. Blends great it's smooth, the best price for protein content you will find online, cannot recommend this product enough, cheers!

  11. Quick and just what they advertise

    Posted by on

    Product is as advertised and delivered quickly.

    Will certainly reorder when I am getting low.

  12. New trial

    Posted by on

    I have only recently received my first shipment but delivery was smooth and I like the convenient packaging. I have tried the product and really enjoy the flavour. Unablt to comment on results yet.

  13. Great product, great price

    Posted by on

    Can't fault it. Great product and based on content, is certainly up there with far more expensive brands. More protein per serve than most of them.
    Definitely recommend. My second time purchasing 4kg of choc brownie. Tastes great!!

  14. Great protein great taste

    Posted by on

    I have got a chocolate one and vanilla flavour. They both taste amazing by mixing suitable amount of water. However the one star is missing because the smell of the protein powder remains in my bottle for a long time. Other than that it is great.

  15. Great Value, Taste and Quality

    Posted by on

    I ordered Banana Sundae and Vanilla Custard and they both are extremely great in taste with milk and water, unfortunately the bags arent labeled but it doesnt matter once you open them! This protein is already giving me the results i am wanting, especially with the help of Uproteins Pure Creatine and Pure BCAA Powder 4:1:1! Uprotein has the best value of protein, i wouldnt go anywhere else!

  16. Great tasting quality protein

    Posted by on

    I've tried plenty of different brand whey protein powders but what I found was many didn't mix/blend well in water or milk. The whey protein powder from UProtein not only tastes great (Vanilla Custard and Banana Sundae) but mixes well with milk, not leaving any powder stuck to the bottom of the shaker. It also fills me up comfortably, not leaving me bloated like some of the other brands.

  17. Choc & Banana Whey Protein

    Posted by on

    Quality: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Value: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Mixability: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Taste: (Water)
    Choc Brownie ⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Banana Sundae ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Taste: (Milk)
    Choc Brownie ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Banana Sundae ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Shipping ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    I've had a lot of protein powders over the years. Pretty much all have pros and cons. UPROTEIN hits a lot of marks in my opinion.

    First off the shipping was amazingly fast and the transaction simple. Product received sealed in a box. The packet(s) your protein are in are great and the zip lock seals and doesn't break!

    The serving size is legit and not over the top forcing you to buy more of their product (4kg is a lot). Which is another thing. 4kg of quality protein for this price is very hard to come by. So value is perfect.

    Best protein I've ever had with water easily. I don't mind Choc Brownie but the Banana is fantastic. With milk it's literally a healthy milkshake. Great tasting protein, none of that excessive sugar taste. Just right and easy as on the stomach.

    One of my favourite things about UPROTEIN, this protein mixes!! It mixes so well and it isn't clumpy.

    Don't bother with other marketed well known brands or online shops. Shop here.

  18. So much deliciousness in one giant zip-locked bag

    Posted by on

    This is the first protein I've ever bought and having tasted my friends' whey powder that taste like saw dust, this protein powder tastes like a dream. I use it in smoothies and just with water as well. The process of buying from UProtein was very easy. Delivery was super fast as well. Would 110% recommend.

  19. Delicious and easy mix shakes

    Posted by on

    I was a bit sceptical ordering my first protein online but so far so good with my uprotein order. It was a little more expensive than my usual powder, but I got almost twice as much for the price! I am pretty happy with the flavour (can't go wrong with chocolate), and I find that it mixes really well with whole milk, using a generic shaker bottle. It's definitely better than other proteins I have used in the past, and the inclusion of the enzymes definitely puts it ahead of most others. The postage was great too, with the bags arriving the same week I placed the order.

  20. Disolves well

    Posted by on

    Ordered choc brownie and vanilla custard. Sofar only had Vanilla Custard, surprisingly mixed very well in water. Definitely taste vanilla flavor not so much the sweetness of the custard which is more than ok for me. Can say much about the results longterm. Value for money is on the spot though. Can wait to taste the choc brownie!

  21. First timer

    Posted by on

    I was looking for quality at an affordable price and found it right here.

  22. Feeling supercharged

    Posted by on

    The best flavours ever help me to keep coming back consistently for my Uprotein post workout shake!! My strength training goals feel supercharged thanks to this product and I feel energised and stronger knowing that each shake has 32g of protein. Although there are many good quality protein formulas on the market, it is Uprotein’s winning combination of affordability, high quality whey and the digestive enzymes which help my body to absorb the ingredients quickly and easily. Thankyou so much!!

  23. Changing my life!!!!

    Posted by on

    I was a skinny alcoholic weighing 65kgs doing nothing but drinking when wife told me she had had enough. I searched the net looking for protein to help me gain weight and muscle. Finally found UProtein and boy am i glad. I am weighing in at 75kgs feeling great this protein has changed my life and tastes great i even have my wife on it. Highly recommend.

  24. Superb value

    Posted by on

    Tastes good, mixes very well, fast delivery, and really modern blend. I'm impressed, thanks UP!

  25. Value and Taste

    Posted by on

    As I've only just receive it I cant comment on the results of the product, but in terms of taste and value it's very impressive.
    I ordered both the Choc Brownie and Vanilla Custard and was on the fence about the Vanilla when I first mixed it with water, but after the next few goes I tried a low fat milk and it is really nice.

  26. Bast Toning Best Flavour

    Posted by on

    Knew I was almost out. Ready to order again but put it off, sure I had enough for a few more sessions. Got home after my work out, anticipating that delicious chockie thirst quencher shake, into the pantry and there it was... an EMPTY BAG!!! My son had flogged the last of it for himself! Couldn't believe it! Kept my cool though... straight on line to order two for him and one for me (under lock and key) Have been taking it for a year and improved my muscle tone markedly. I think it's because I love going to the gym because I love the anticipation of throwing down 600 ml of the best flavoured chocolate shake (on water) when I get home. Used to own a gym, have tried them all but this is the best both in taste and results. Great.

  27. Best quality for it's value you'll ever find

    Posted by on

    This is by far hands down best protein i've ever consumed. I've used many big brands before such as optimum nutrition and this is so much better plus it has a lot more protein and BCAA in it which is handle when cutting. Been using it since the end of last year till now and i've had no problems with it at all. Flavour is perfect and you'll never get sick of it. Usually when i purchase other protein's, it'll take me a couple of times before i can digest it properly but with this formula, easily digestible, not feeling heavy on the stomach nor bloating. I'm a personal trainer and have been recommending this protein to most of my clients and they love it. As far as i know it, i'll be using this protein for many years to come.

  28. Best protein on the market

    Posted by on

    My go-to protein. I've tried so many proteins and nothing has compared to this one. Easy to digest. Easy to mix with no clumps. Awesome flavours, chocolate is my favourite. Low calories with high protein, good for either bulking or cutting. Super cheap, works out to be $1 a serving. Got delivered in only 4 days. Really happy with this product, I recommend it to anyone, it's definitely worth trying.

  29. Almost Perfect...!

    Posted by on

    I heard about this site from a friend who does powerlifting and he said it was great for people who want affordable protein powders that digest easily. After trying out the Banana Flavoured Whey Protein Hydro + Enzymes, I can definitely say that it goes down really easily without any bowel complications! The protein also tastes and smells really good which is an added bonus. The only problem I had was that when ordering in bulk (4kg), it only came in 2kg packages rather than 1kg packages - this made it harder to evenly divide the product between 3 other friends.

  30. Good taste!

    Posted by on

    Taste is on point, texture is on point, delivery is on point. Great product, but not full score because i've had better tasting protein powder in the past.

  31. Review of UProtein Whey Protein Concentrate

    Posted by on

    I ordered two 2kg bags of the chocolate and banana. The ordering process was quite simple via the website. The Order was delivered quite rapidly ( 2 days) in a great UProtein Box. The taste of both flavours are great, the powder dissolves quite easily, and is easy to digest. I even have mixed the flavours together to make a delicious choc/banana combo flavour! Oh yeah!

    Would definitely recommend this product and will be purchasing again in the future.

  32. Nothing better

    Posted by on

    Honestly, I have tried many protein supplements and this one is the best. My muscle recovery is better and shorter than it has ever been, the taste is so easy and enjoyable while being easily dissolvable. Don't hesitate this is the most effective brand

  33. Top Marks!

    Posted by on

    Product mixes well, tastes good (choc and Banana), good nutritional values, fast delivery, highly recommend

  34. One word AWESOME, awesome price & awesome taste

    Posted by on

    I've been weight training off & on for over 30 Years and tried almost every protein powder around. Just finished my first week training using my new banana flavoured Vprotein, to keep calories down I mix my shakes with water, this is the best flavoured powder I have ever tasted.

  35. Tastes great and mixes well, a fantastic products

    Posted by on

    The choc brownie taste great and mixes very well with milk and water alike ( even with Greek yoghurt) great price and quick postage will definitely buy again

    My only complaint is not having the flavour on the front of the bag as I grabbed the choc and plain but aside from that, perfect.

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  Product Description

  32g Protein - Delicious Flavours.  
 Exclusive Whey protein only formula.  
 Packed with muscle building BCAAs.   
Huge 4kg Value Deal - 100 Serves.



Reward your body with 4kg of Superior 100% Whey Protein formula.

100% Whey Protein Hydro + Enzymes



mass-gainer-tick-small.jpg THREE PREMIUM WHEY SOURCES
Including Concentrate, Isolates and Hydrolysed whey protein provide a more advanced spectrum of muscle building Amino Acids than using cheap grade WPC formula.

Protein digestion isn’t easy on your body. Added enzymes give you superior opportunity to absorb every gram from every serve.

Enjoy more muscle faster with clinically proven ingredients scientifically selected to build serious muscle, aid digestion and boost post workout recovery.





 Buy Whey Protein Powder Online


Three high quality protein sources expertly selected deliver optimum Branched Chain and Essential Amino Acids profiles.

Uses latest enzyme and micro cross filtration processing techniques ensures fast absorbed protein particulates that retain Amino Acid potency. 

High Biological Value (BV104) produces ideal nitrogen environment sparking natural anabolic signals that stimulate muscle growth.

Protein digestion isn’t easy on your body. Added enzymes give you superior opportunity to absorb every protein, minimise bloating and gas.


100% Whey Protein Powder Verified 



100% whey protein to build lean muscle100% whey protein to maintain lean muscle Best Value Whey ProteinWhey Protein for training for weight loss100% Whey Protein with 100% Natural Flavours






 4kg | 100 Serves (40g)

digestive-enzymes-100-whey-protein.gif  3-x-whey-protein-sources.gif  protein-per-serve.gif

whey-protein-bcaa.gif  low-carb-whey-protein.gif  lo-fat-whey-protein.gif 


INGREDIENTS: UPROTEIN 100% Whey Protein Hydro + Enzymes Blend (96%) (Instantised Whey Protein Concentrate, Instantised Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Hydrolysate, Proteolysis Digestive Enzymes (Papain, Bromelain), Anticaking Agent), Socially And Environmentally Responsible Cocoa, Natural Flavour, Acesulfame K, Sweetener (Sucralose).
Contains milk, soybean products. Soybean products (Soy Lecithin) is used to instantise whey proteins and is less than 1% of the whey product. Made in Australia from local and imported ingredients. Halal and gluten free ingredients.






We don't use outdated refinement and production methods.
Sure, these methods are cheaper but often they result in less protein nutrients per serve, along with inferior taste and biological benefits.
If your muscles could talk, they'd say no to cheap WPC too.


The way a protein is hydrolysed is supremely important, thats why we only use the Enzymatically Hydrolysed Treatment (EHT) process.
This ensures more amino structures are available, ensuring optimal nutrient uptake and true muscle results.


As one of the largest sports nutrition manufacturers in Australia, we cant rely on just one local supplier,
that's why we look locally and globally for suppliers who have the scale and technology we demand.
Our cows are grass fed 'happy' cows that pasture in AUS, USA, and NZ farms.




100% Whey Protein Flavours  


A superior formula should have an equally superior taste.

Each delicious serve is 100% NATURALLY flavoured, 100% Aspartame FREE and
Convenient 2kg bags means you can split flavours and taste the range when you buy in bulk.
Find out for yourself what protein should taste like.




Best Value 100% Whey Protein



To achieve both a superior formula and great value price we
1. harnessed our
significant global buying power and
2. adopted a "direct from the manufacturer" model, thereby cutting out the middlemen manufacturers and excessive over heads.
At around $1.25 per serve, this best-in-class formula is also Australia's best value.







 ~ 100% GUARANTEED ~ 

We want you to love this protein. If for ANY reason you are not 100% satisfied, we will happily refund the purchase price.
See Returns Policy page for details of our Satisfaction Guarantee & Fairplay Rules.
Just another reason why more Aussie lifters are switching to UPROTEIN.





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Uprotein Shipping Australia Post


Who should you use it?
Seasoned athlete or relatively new to training, your body still deserves the best possible nourishment to recover, maintain and grow. If you want a high quality and easily digested whey protein formula that is also great value then this is the formula for U.
When and how do I take it?
Simply mix or blend with 250-300ml of water or skim milk and consume 30 min before training and/or immediately post workout. The low carb and low fat characteristics also make it suitable between major meals or as a convenient on the go snack. 


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