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Exclusive sports nutrition manufacturing facility.

Instead of outsourcing to third parties, over the past 20 years we have made significant investments into our own state-of-the-art sports nutrition facility. This facility is 100% owned and operated by us and contains some of the most advanced manufacturing and logistics technology. In addition, it is regularly audited by Australian and International Organisations, along with holding various manufacturing and quality certifications including HACCP Australia Foods Safety Accreditation Systems.


One of the largest sports nutrition manufacturers in Australia

We don’t use middlemen who may be tempted to cut corners, instead, we have rigorous procedures in place to ensure maximum control over every product made in our facility. This means, what we say is in the product is actually in the product at the levels listed on the label. In addition, we also undertake stringent tests of finished products to ensure our products perform as intended.


It isn’t easy to become one of our suppliers and most don’t make the cut.

We will not compromise on quality and hold all of our suppliers to the same exacting standard. We do this by undertaking rigorous supply chain evaluations including on-site facility checks, batch audits and most importantly rejecting any ingredient or material that doesn’t achieve specifications. Our commitment to quality is shared by our business partners, some of which have been supplying us with quality ingredients for over 20 years.


To get the best results, you need the best nutrition and this is what we formulate our products to deliver.

We don’t over hype products or ingredients, instead, we rely on a team of specialists who develop outstanding formulas that can speak for themselves. The cornerstone of our philosophy is based on the belief that Australians are capable of making informed sports nutrition choices. We insist on only using high-quality ingredients that are backed by science to ensure you can be the absolute best you can be.


When ever possible we source ingredients, products, materials, services and equipment right here in Australia.

Unfortunately, sometimes we simply can’t buy Australian made, which is why we then try to use Australian based suppliers for the items we source internationally. Through these Australian suppliers we are able to source many of our main protein ingredients from Australia, New Zealand, Canada and United States producers. We are proud to be an Australian manufacturer, creating solid work opportunities for Australians.