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Micellar Casein Protein Night Recovery

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Casein NIP

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Who should you use it?

Lifters of all levels may benefit from using UPROTEIN™ Casein Growth Night Recovery. If you are thinking a Whey Protein before bed is holding you back, you might be right. Stop muscle tissue catabolism (muscle breakdown) while you sleep by nourishing your muscles with high quality slow digesting protein.

When and how do I take it?

BEFORE BED: Mix with yoghurt, or other beverages/desert and consume 30 minutes before bed.

DAYTIME: Combine with UPROTEIN™ 100% Whey Hydro+ Enzymes in 50:50 ratio for the ultimate Slow vs Fast protein feed.

FIRST TIME USERS: Please note, this is an unflavoured product and is NOT formulated to drink by itself. We recommend you start with a half serve to assess tolerance.

INGREDIENTS: Micellar Casein Isolated Milk Protein (Slow Digesting).

We do not test for gluten, however we do not have gluten ingredients at our manufacturing facility

Nutritional, Ingredient and allergen Information are correct at time of publish. We always ensure the information on this website is updated with the latest information. From time to time recipes may change and may take time to flow through to customers. Therefore we advise our customers to always read the label on the pack before consuming our products. If you require specific advice on any Uprotein product, please contact our Customer Service team where we will be happy to answer your questions.

  42 product reviews See Reviews


Where reviews refer to foods products, results may vary from person to person. Customer reviews are independent and do not represent the views UPROTEIN.

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  1. Smooth and easy to mix

    Verified Buyer posted

    Loving this product. Use it at night before bed and make a very tasty protein fruit smoothie. Can feel it helping with recovery and dont really mind that it is unflavoured (I actually prefer it).

  2. Getting so thick

    Verified Buyer posted

    First time I bought this casein protein it's disgusting. I put it in shaker in water it's became thick as you can easily eat with folk.


    Hi Jaskirat, thanks for your feedback. This is the intention of casein which enables it to be slow digesting, giving your body a steady stream of protein overnight. Not to be confused with regular whey protein which is rapidly absorbed and thin for post workout. Adding additional water ( +350ml) will thin out the casein just as easy, so varying the water to suit your preference.

    Team Uprotein

  3. Solid

    Verified Buyer posted

    just started using UProtein Raw Casein time will tell but going by other products I've used it will be great like the others

  4. Great product overall

    Verified Buyer posted

    Incredible product!

    I recommend it 100% I can definitely see changes in my body after using it for a month. On the bad side as it is unflavoured it tastes like milk which is fine for most people, but I don't enjoy it too much.

    After a month using it I have definitely got used to the flavour but it would be great to at least have one more flavour.

  5. As described

    Verified Buyer posted

    Great product. Use with a smoothie

  6. Appreciate The Flavour, But Not The Texture

    Verified Buyer posted

    I love that it's genuinely unflavoured, but it has such a weird texture to it & I thought initially that I just needed to shake it for longer. I was wrong, it somehow got worse. I can't even explain it, it's just hard to stomach with such an odd consistency... A shame because my other Uprotein products have been great so far.


    Hi Jamie, thanks for your feedback. The product does become thicker the longer you leave/shake it as the water expands into the powder particles. This is what makes the product slow digesting/release. You can add more water to thin the product out.

  7. Good product

    Verified Buyer posted

    This Casein protein is good. It's versitile, I use it in smoothies and cooking(french toast). It's great before sleeping and I've seen results since using this alternately with whey protein. Each has their benefits.
    The ordering and delivery process was good and the bag is easy to use and store.

  8. Fantastic!!

    Verified Buyer posted

    Great casien powder great price mixes well 350ml of skim milk works best with 10gr of avalance sugar free choc powder

  9. Great

    Verified Buyer posted

    Mixes well need about 350ml of milk to get to a good consistency. Great product

  10. Excellent

    Verified Buyer posted

    Excellent casien protein mixes well great price great for recovery and growth

  11. Quality

    Verified Buyer posted

    Excellent product, best & purest I have ever purchased, & great value for money, I will never go back to anything but UPROTEIN products, thanks

  12. Solid product!

    Verified Buyer posted

    I've been training for years and never tried Casein before but have been rapidly convinced that this supplement "does something " having made definite improvement since adding it to my supplement list.
    As mentioned by others it's not going to win any taste/texture contests but I prefer to grin and bear that rather than consume a bunch of additives, it's something that you get used to very quickly anyway

  13. Smooth As!

    Verified Buyer posted

    Mixers so so well, compared to all else used with high level protein ratios.
    Benefited in recovery, coming to two decades now taking MICELLAR CASEIN winding down to sleep. UPROTEIN form now on!

  14. Pure and value for money

    Verified Buyer posted

    This Micellar Casein is hands down the best value on the market and without any of the added artificial sweeteners. The taste is naturally creamy and complements the other Uprotein products I enjoy. Thanks Uprotein for making such quality products at a competitive price.

  15. Seems good to me.

    Verified Buyer posted

    Good quality casein at a good price.

  16. The numbers stack up

    Verified Buyer posted

    Great product however need to have a flavoured version as the unflavoured one is not nice at all.

  17. Micellar Casein

    Verified Buyer posted

    Considering the price of this product, it's probably the best value for money you can ever get, even overseas. The protein blends nicely, has a pleasant milky taste, and feels good.

  18. Raw Unflavoured Pure Micellar Casein

    Verified Buyer posted

    Bought the big 4Kg pack. High protein rating. No flavours, no sweeteners, no nasties. Even though it is unflavoured, there is still a nice creamy taste. Smooth mix, pleasant aftertaste. I often mix it with a teaspoon of pure cacao or acai for a little flavour. Buying the products & making my own mixes & stacks suits my wallet and my body/mind.

  19. Great value and quick delivery

    Verified Buyer posted

    Arrived only a couple of days after order, mixes well and even though its not flaboured the taste is pretty darn good!

  20. Recovery results speak for themselves

    Verified Buyer posted

    I'm on a pretty tough training schedule at the moment, and I bought this to help with recovery and wake up ready to train. My muscle soreness has decreased dramatically, and I have been able to train at higher intensities after waking up. Can't recommend it enough.

  21. Very Happy with UProtein

    Verified Buyer posted

    This product mixes well and has really lifted my game - noticing a difference is always great!! I use this every night and can feel confident that my protein needs are met.

  22. Excellent Casein

    Verified Buyer posted

    Been using casein for a while, but never found one as pure or good quality as this. Flavour is similar to milk powder and tastes great if you blend in a banana with it. Couldn't recommend more for bulking, maintaining, or cutting.

  23. Works well

    Verified Buyer posted

    I use casein after leg day. It reduces my recovery time to a day instead of 3. Being a natural flavour milk protien it doesnt taste amazing but blends well and tends to foam. Add milo or something and drink quickly 30-60 mins before bed.

  24. Gym beginner - noticing effects already!

    Verified Buyer posted

    I'm a beginner in the gym, and was looking for advice on the best supplements to use. I came across UPROTEIN as the go-to website for quality products as well as great value for money.
    I have been taking the Casein Protein post-workout (with Whey) as well as before bedtime - and have DEFINITELY noticed a difference come morning - less soreness, less fatigue and increased energy.

  25. Well Worth your Money

    Verified Buyer posted

    I was looking for an all-natural, effective Casein formulation without all the nasties. There aren't many brands that produce such a great product! It's natural flavour still tastes good and it's clean profile is a value buy. The powder is a bit too fine and I had trouble sealing the bag because of some powder getting in between the plastic seals but other than that, I was very happy to have purchased this product.

  26. Quality protein to fuel your body overnight

    Verified Buyer posted

    I am a big advocate of casein protein, as it fuels your body with important muscle building nutrients during the most important recovery time, rest/sleep. Since switching to Uprotein, I have noticed a big difference. My body seems more replenished and I don't wake up feeling like I haven't eaten for days. This is definitely a quality muscle fuelling and stomach satisfying product that I would recommend to anyone. It is a high quality product without any nasty unnecessary additives. Taste fine also. A must for anyone to prepare their body for another intense workout the following day. Definitely happy with this product.

  27. Not starving when I wake up!!

    Verified Buyer posted

    Recently purchased the natural casein after getting 6kg of hydro whey (which is great).
    There is no flavour to the casein which i expected but it mixes well with everything.

    I didn't wake up hungry and am extremely happy with this product. Time to get those sleep gains!

    Thanks uprotein! A++

  28. Great taste and value.

    Verified Buyer posted

    Even though it's unflavoured, this stuff tastes pretty darn good in just water without mixing it with anything else. One of the few I can actually drink that way, though I usually mix with a flavoured isolate. Can't beat the price either.

  29. Great Produt

    Verified Buyer posted

    Taste good and fast delivery. Thanks Uprotein.

  30. has helped me with gains

    Verified Buyer posted

    Doesnt taste great, and is hard to mix I put nesquick in it and mixed it with the blender now it is the nicest protein shake I own.
    And I’m seeing results.

  31. Great Product - Just PLEASE be aware of what you're buying!

    Verified Buyer posted

    This is definitely a fantastic product and full of great casein protein. I mix it with Whey Isolate + Enzymes before bed and it works well.

    It does have a grainy texture though, which is normal of casein proteins I've had before, so just be aware of that. It's a slow release protein so having before bed is ideal to give your body fuel throughout the night. Wouldn't recommend as a post-workout just due to texture and no-taste elements.

    In summary, it's a great product which is what it is and does what it does, very well.

  32. High quality low price, what else do you want??

    Verified Buyer posted

    First time buying Cassein protein, though I wish I bought some sooner! Rest assured with Uprotein you are getting 100 percent premium cassein, micellar, and I could not find anyone that does it cheaper either. Keeps you fuller for longer so its great as a morning supplement aswell for those who travel often. I take it at night before bed and feel that I recover better after training. Yeah protein immediately after training is important, but your body needs it when you sleep aswell, so its great for recovery. Given that its raw you can add and mix so you can try it with different flavors. Though for those who aren't super fussed with taste then it goes down just fine. Given its a slow digesting protein, with this you should check out there whey protein hydro for a great post training protein! Overall very happy customer and can't wait to purchase from here again.

  33. Hard to beat - unflavoured yet tasty

    Verified Buyer posted

    I was very surprised at how nice this unflavoured casein protein tastes with milk. It doesn't leave you feeling bloated, which is important before going to sleep. Just like the whey protein, this product mixes/blends really well, not leaving any powder stuck to the bottom of the shaker. Highly recommended before sleep.

  34. Nice work on the Casein

    Verified Buyer posted

    Settles well in stomach.
    I have it with milk. Love it

  35. WOW Awesome

    Verified Buyer posted

    This is the night time protein you have been looking for. Easy mix formulation, definitely builds muscle during night after a big workout.
    I was starting to lose mass, the casein/protein has reversed this problem and keeps me anobolic. This is a must try product.

  36. Great night time protein!

    Verified Buyer posted

    I am really enjoying this micellar casein. I have it before an hour or so before bed (60 g) with 2 weetbix, unsweetened almond milk and my own stevia powder. Great way to end the day and it helps me sleep well.

  37. Night time magic

    Verified Buyer posted

    Got a fast metabolism so slow release is good for me. Usually have a protein shake but for something different mix it with greek yoghurt and peanut butter. Taste awesome and get double casein hit. Faster gains too.

  38. Packaging

    Verified Buyer posted

    Due to the fine powder like nature of this protein the snap lock bag is difficult to reseal.

    The fine powder gets into the groove section and makes resnapping sometimes impossible without using a sharp object to clear the groove.

    Shipping obviously shook the bag from the start making it impossible to seal the first time opened.

    I recommend a different method of seal for casein.

  39. Changed the way I supplement

    Verified Buyer posted

    Taking this at night and introducing a scoop into my morning shake has resulted in some serious muscle gains. Great product. A flavour range could improve it

  40. Very Happy Customer

    Verified Buyer posted

    A fantastic product! mixes perfectly with milk to make a yummy thickshake that satisfies without being too heavy. love the 'natural' flavour. A great option for those who want a very high protein casein that doesn't taste like a mc'donalds milkshake.

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  Product Description

  32.6g/82% Protein + Amino Acids 
 Boost Anabolic Activity   
8 Hour Slow Release Protein.   
 No Added Sugar, Fillers or Flavours




Two is better than one! Start your multi-protein supplementation now.

Micellar Casein Protein


mass-gainer-tick-small.jpg 100% PURE UNFLAVOURED MICELLAR CASEIN
32g (82%) Protein with high amino acid spectrums clinically proven to drive muscle growth.


The unique super-think particulate properties delay absorption to provide steady state amino acid release.

Nitrogen factors during critical recovery growth stage promotes natural anabolic activity.





 Buy Micellar Casein Protein


32g (82%) Protein with high amino acid spectrums clinically proven to drive muscle growth.

Preferred protein source of serious lifters wanting night-time nourishment naturally high in glutamine precursers boosting anabolic activity. 

Nothing but pure unadulterated premium Micellar Casein, perfect for mixing with no added sugar, fillers or flavours.

Unique super-think particulate properties delay absorption to provide steady state amino acid release for up to 8 hour and protect against catabolism.





2kg (4.4lb) | 50 Serves (40g) | $1.60 p/serve

4kg (8.8lb) | 100 Serves (40g) | $1.40 p/serve


better-premium-micellar.gif  slow-digestion-micellar.gif  micellar-protein-stats.gif

micellar-low-carb.gif  micellar-lo-fat.gif   


INGREDIENTS: Micellar Casein Isolated Milk Protein (Slow Digesting). Contains milk.


We do not test for gluten, however we do not have gluten ingredients at our manufacturing facility





Best Protein Award Winner 2023


Reviews across, Google Customer Reviews &

See what other customers think of UPROTEIN. It Starts With You.









Buy Miceller Casein - No Cheap Ingredients

We don't use outdated refinement and production methods.
Sure, these methods are cheaper but often they result in less protein nutrients per serve, along with inferior taste and biological benefits.
If your muscles could talk, they'd say no to cheap Casein too.


Buy Miceller Casein - Slow Release

Feeding your muscles with slow release Essential and Branched Amino’s during sleep recovery stage ensures sustained nutrient uptake and true muscle results from ingredients proven to drive muscle growth.


Buy Miceller Casein - Grass Fed

As one of the largest sports nutrition manufacturers in Australia, we cant rely on just one local supplier,
that's why we look locally and globally for suppliers who have the scale and techology we demand.
Our cows are grass fed 'happy' cows that pasture in AUS, USA, and NZ farms.




Natural Miceller Casein  


A superior formula with natural ingredients.

Each serve is 100% NATURAL and unflavoured, designed to mix with your favourite smoothies, shakes or desserts.
Due to the nature of Casein, this product is much thicker than standard whey protein when mixed with water and will be less soluble.

✔ No artificial sweeteners  ✔ No artificial preservatives
✔ No artificial flavours  ✔ No artificial colours 




Cheap Miceller Casein Value



To achieve both a superior formula and great value price we
1. harnessed our
significant global buying power and
2. adopted a "direct from the manufacturer" model, thereby cutting out the middlemen and passing the savings on to you.
At around $1.60 per serve, this best-in-class casein formula is also Australia's best value.






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Who should you use it?
 Lifters of all levels may benefit from using UPROTEIN™ Casein Growth Night Recovery. If you are thinking a Whey Protein before bed is holding you back, you might be right. Stop muscle tissue catabolism (muscle breakdown) while you sleep by nourishing your muscles with high quality slow digesting protein.
When and how do I take it?
BEFORE BED: Mix with yoghurt, or other beverages/desert and consume 30 minutes before bed.
DAYTIME: Combine with UPROTEIN™ 100% Whey Hydro+ Enzymes in  50:50 ratio for the ultimate Slow vs Fast protein feed.
FIRST TIME USERS: Please note, this is an unflavoured product and is NOT formulated to drink by itself. We recommend you start with a half serve to assess tolerance.


We are extremely proud to be awarded best Protein & Supplement Retailer for both 2024, 2023, 2022 & 2021!

Recgonised by independent and trusted review website
Our outstanding formulas, best value prices and responsive customer service are why more Aussies are switching to Uprotein and are choosing to write about it. It starts with you.


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