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Price Change


Due to significant price increases in raw ingredients, supply chain/freight and global demand for dairy we have had to increase our prices across our range of products.

UPROTEIN has always been about providing the best value formulations to our legendary customers, but even our strong global supply chain partnerships are not immune to the effect of rising costs and inflation that is occurring across the world.

In recent months their has been increases in the following:

  • Protein Powders costs 100-200%
  • Container Freight costs 300-400%
  • Australia Post Delivery costs 5-10% (heavy supplements have been the worst effected)
  • Amino Acids (Creatine etc) and Flavours

We have done our best to absorb most of these costs, however to operate a sustainable business, and continue to provide premium range we've had to act accordingly.

Our commitment to provide you the best value supplements hasn't changed. We continue to maintain our high quality standards, rather than using inferior or poor quality ingredients.

We look forward to being your preferred Sport Nutrition provider of choice now and into the future.

The UPROTEIN teams thanks you for your understanding and support.






We are extremely proud to be awarded best Protein & Supplement Retailer for both 2022 & 2021!

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